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By | November 6, 2021

this is very amazing application It has many uses it is very easy to use Today I will tell you about one such application. which is very amazing application There are many variations of using it Mostly you can use this application in school life The name of this application is now Ms World MS Word is an application through which you can type on it and after typing you can print it on any one page.

this is your school Office and bank and used everywhere It is also mostly a mobile app and can also be run through a computer application. That is, you can also install it on your computer. Through this application you can make a perfect favorite And on top of that page you can type whatever you want There is such an application of MS Word through which you can type on it in English and you can also type on it in Urdu

. it is a very amazing application how to install
By the way, you can download it from many websites, if you download escort from a website like you, then you will get it easily. This is an application, through which you can easily do any work which can be done by handing over to the office. Through this application you can do many things very easily.

about it

You can draw a table on any page through MS Word. And through MS Word, you can give the shape of a paragraph to any word and give it a number. this is a very nice application Through this, you can also select any color in the tables, as you can do typing on it.
By installing this your device is not affected by any kind of virus

. Nor does your system jam by installing this You can add a picture to any page on MS Word. And you can also edit that picture You can put that picture in any corner of the page any way you want. You can also put that picture upside down You can add it as you wish
And it ain’t any kind of Harmful Hi this very easy application

You can install it in your mobile and in your laptop and also in your PC device so this is a very good application Your data is not lost by using this and no one can hike and attack it MS Word is a very easy can run from There is such an application of MS Word through which you can apply many style to it by typing

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