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By | October 1, 2021

Today I am going to tell you about an application which is very important for telenor sim. Yes its name my telenor app My Telenor App is an application through which you can view all Telenor SIM information etc. its packages call package s.m.s. An important feature of My Telenor App is that all the information inside it is only and only of Telenor SIM

how to download To downloads it, you have to open the Play Store on your mobile or device. Or you can also download it from any other website You can also download it through 9Apps But the best way to download is that you have to download it from play store. Because Play Store is an application ground Inside which all the updated separate applications are present So you have to download my telenor app from there.


And after downloading it, you have to install it
After downloading it, you have to open it As you open it, you will also enter your Telenor number inside it. So first of all he will tell you whose sim it is Whoever has the sim, it will show his name And there are many more functions inside it performed some functions If you have installed your sample internet package

So it keeps saving all the details of inside it and keeps showing how many MB or GB you have left My Telenor App is an app through which you can install internet package etc on your sim And through this app, you can also put a call package on the sim of your sim of any if you want, s.m.s. Because whatever balance is present in your SIM, it starts showing on the key display of My Telenor app


One advantage of installing the my telenor app app is that after installing it You can get free MB from telenor sim so this is a very good application This is a complete secure application, this application is such an application, it does not give your SIM details to any other party or any person.
This is such an application that your mobile is neither

jammed nor there is any other loss. One of its disadvantages is that The application which is not there, it runs through internet package, if your sim will not have internet package then it will not common you on any kind of details. This Is main dis Advantage Point In Its One lichen over all your application is very good application

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