Easy Urdu Keyboard

By | October 1, 2021

Today I am going to tell you about such an application, we have never discussed about the at any time What kind of application is this which is completely different from all the previous applications this awesome application If you don’t know how to speak English then you don’t need to worry. Because I am going to tell you about an application like you will not need to learn any kind of English you speak english at all Its name is Easy Urdu Keyboard

Yes, by using it, you will be speaking Urdu from here and there English will be typed. What kind of keyboard is this, if you record Urdu inside your mobile then it will automatically convert you to English. and type on your messenger or whatsapp This is a very amazing application, you have never used such an application before.

How to download

It is very easy to download it, you don’t need any problem to download it It is very easy to download Although you can download it from many websites, but the easiest way is that you have to first open the play store of your mobile. So search on that later you have to type such Urdu keyboard as you type it, then you will have a part of such Urdu keyboard in front of you, click on it we are not If you click on it,

it will be automatically downloaded and shown on your screen. You do not need to create anyone’s remedy account to use it, it is absolutely That’s why its user is also very much because it is a complete free application.


This is amazing application it is absolutely free running application Through this you can also increase your journal knowledge, through this you can learn English. There are many other functions inside it, the sum function is this Through this application you can also speak Urdu, you can also speak English. As you speak Urdu from here, this keyboard will automatically type your Urdu. Similarly, if you keep speaking English, it will automatically type English.

This is very important aarohi amazing application You can use it in many places with study what This is the her friend securethis is awesome application Your mount is always saved through this application This application does not deduct any tax on your amount. This is absolutely safe application and inter high is amazing application it is very easy to use J has used the application, he has taken great advantage of it Because the way to run it is easy, so its users are also increasing easily.

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