By | September 29, 2021

Today I will tell you about such an application which is special application. Why does your mobile grind by using this? The name of this application is Easy paisa
Yes, through this application you can accomplish many things. how to install
Although you can download it from many websites, but the best way to download it is that you have to first open the play store of your mobile. and in the search bar of play store you have you have to type this Easy paisa

Like there will be an icon in front of you, you have to click on that icon as if you collect, it will start downloading automatically. and will appear on your mobile screen how to run
to run it In any case there is no need for training, this work can be done properly. To use it, first of all, his account has to be created. As soon as you create your account, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your SIM

how to make account

Your name will be your code in the post confirmation SMS Then you have to support it by going to your account like you will support on WhatsApp, then you will be able to get the account Even if you can name his account You need a National ID card to create an account And you have to use such ID card numbers through your SIM Function of Easypiasa

Although there are many functions of this application but the moon function has lived.

You can use mobile package through such app You can package any other number through this app An app on which you can put a profile picture of yourself And you can also change that profile picture Order Import Via Mobile Package Mobile Call Package s.m.s You can pay bill through this app You can’t do online job through this app you can do online job You can also invite a friend thro You can send your money to any other country through the order app Through this app you can share money with each other You Can Get Free MB Through Easy Paisa App

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If you want, you can also transfer your money directly inside the bank through the Easy Paisa a Through this app you can do all the online work through which you are doing payment.
Through Easy Paisa App you can do any bank account mobile account bill payment anythingThis is a secure application It does not allow any third party to access your data It always keeps your data safe and keeps only so it can be very This is an AC light application that neither jams your mobile nor harms your mobile in any way.

This is completely completely checked application of
You also get cashback by applying package through EasyPaisa App
You will get this kind of cashback through this mone

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