By | September 11, 2021

I am going to tell you about such an application that can be written absolutely free from all WhatsApp, whose WhatsApp is this. yes its name is fm whatsapp Whose name is send app m whatsapp, whose messenger is there, but the way a simple whatsapp works, such whatsapp also works in the same way but there are many functions inside it which are not in simple whats a

It is mostly downloaded because that function is not present in Simple WhatsApp which function is present in this WhatsApp. You can download it from many websites, but first you have to open your mobile’s Chrome browser. And in its search bar I have to search my FM WhatsApp, which is the first thing in front of you, you have to click on it and download it.


As you will download it, then you have to go to the download manager of Chrome browser, from there you have to go and install it. You will install it like other WhatsApp, it also asks for a number, confirmation s.m.s. on that number. And after that your account is created, on top of this you can put your DP etc. You can put your status. Through this WhatsApp, you can download any status of any friend, which is not present in simple WhatsApp

After this comes the option of group In simple whatsapp chat and group are together but here two folders are created but in whatsapp group alias folder is created and separate folder of chat is created When you have to open the groups, you will first open the group folder, if you want to chat with someone, then first you will take the chat box.


The main function of everything is that you can also put airplane mode on it, if your heart says, then you can play whatsapp and any other media can also play Like sometimes your heart says that I want WhatsApp without burning WhatsApp, I have to open another browser in this mobile, that too with mobile data on, then you have to first click on this WhatsApp airplane

And after that In this way your WhatsApp will be closed and all other functions social media apps will continue to run.Inside FM WhatsApp you can hide all chats groups etc and apply pattern etc. With no objection, you can also hiden all your chats and put pinlock etc. present inside FM WhatsApp but in any other simple WhatsApp this option is not present. Through the FM WhatsApp, you can also hide the last seen option of your WhatsApp, no one will be able to see that you are online, you are not there. But by installing SM WhatsApp,


You will know who is online and who is offline because on his id you will see every poor person. Green dot means that the person is sitting online. FM WhatsApp from this function is a very amazing WhatsAppFM WhatsApp is such a WhatsApp pay that works as an antivirus, if someone has already sent virus on your mobile, then it fights against it. In this way your mobile does not get jammed, there is no damage of any kind.

FM WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp from all other local WhatsApp, it has all the functions inside it and it is seen in many ways, it is OK from all sides It is also good for your mobile or and it is also good for your chatting, whatever you do video call audio call with anyone, it works absolutely fine

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