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By | September 10, 2021

Today I am going to tell you about an application which plays very easy application. It does not have any kind of harm, no harm to your mobile, man species, this is absolutely and lite application whose name is app lock Yes, AppLock is such a thing in which you can keep your private files inside you, whatever be your precious files etc., you will use AppLock to lock it.

AppLock is the world’s number one locker Which can send your any number to your file to your picture This app lock can block all the applications on your mobile There are many features inside AppLock By the way, you can download AppLock from many websites, but the website from which you will download AppLock, there are different versions in them, they are not good enough, so you should first of all play your play store mobile. You have to type the plot you have come in the search bar of Play Store


As soon as the icon of the app lock is desired, then you have to click on that icon, then within some time the app lock will be downloaded on the screen of your mobile. running app lock To use AppLock, you have to One, you need a gmail id to recover your data, if anyone may forget the force lock, then you can recover your data through gmail and forget password. As soon as you click on Forget Password, your password will come on your Gmail, in this way your data will be safe

There are many more functions inside AppLock, inside it you can save photo files. More video files that can be saved without saving and it is completely hidden for you You can hide the app lock yourself then show it through there are many functions inside it. You can also bring it through fingerprint, you can it through pattern, you can also lock it through There are many themes inside AppLock that you can apply any theme to any times It is very secure but because it is designed to hide private files so it is very secure app the

function of app lock

It has many functions It fasts in such a way that it converts your files into such a way that your phone cannot read them but AppLock can read them Because you are able to read , so you always have all the things inside the la but on the mobile outside, all those things are not shown to us in the second file because the app lock has changed its version, due to which we do not show

Advantage of app lock

AppLock has a lot of advantages One advantage of this is because it makes your files private like no other person can see your private files. Except your no human, any mobile, anything can see your data. As long as your data is present in your app lock

if it comes after this, then all the secrets can be passed from your data. This is a very big advantage of the applock AppLock is one such application Which neither does any harm to your mobile nor jams your mobile nor does any other harm App Lock A Complete Secure App It’s absolutely OK from all sides AppLock does not allow any other party to access and steal your data Why does it always keep your mobile as well as your son and all your files too?

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