By | September 9, 2021

Today I am going to tell you about one such application. which is very special application Very Wonderful Application The name of this application is youtube This is a very special application, it is an entertainment application. This time you can pass your free time how to download First of all, you have to open the play store of your mobile. and after that you have to type youtube in search barBy the way

YouTube is present in all the mobiles. So there you will get an update option So you haven’t installed, you have to update As soon as you update it, it will be done on the screen of your mobile for automa You will need a gmail id to run this Yes, to use this you need a gmail id, you have to sign in with it.


As soon as you sign in to youtube using your gmail id then it will start running automatically On top of this, you can download any kind of your videos without picture audio files. There are many functions inside it with you can’t do an online earning.Online earning methods work There is a channel function inside YouTube. First of all, you have to create a channel through a Gmail ID. When your channel is created, you can put videos etc.

Then your video goes viral When your videos start going viral So after that there is a function subscribe As you have 1000more subscriber then your channel will be close to being monetized
And after that comes a policy watch time Watch Time’s policy is that your watch time should not be less than 4000 hours So after that your channel gets monetized After that you get an Adsense approval So after that your online earning starts There is one thing about it that you should not insert any copyright material in it.
If you copyright videos etc.


If you upload then you get a strike on your channel. So because of this your channel may be suspend There are many functions inside youtube On top of this you can listen to news etc.And on top of that you can also hear sound etc. On top of this you can also watch videos etc. so it’s awesome You can upload whatever you want on top of it Yes, we can make the quality of YouTube very high, its policies are very high. On top of this, you can watch the kind of quality videos you want to watch,

Whether it’s 740megapixels and 480 megapixels 1080 megapixels You can watch videos on this in all kinds of ways On top of this you can also watch live news channeled This inter high is amazing but it doesn’t jam your mobile And it neither hangs your mobile Youtube does not harm your mobile YouTube is such an application whose security can be very high
It does not allow any party to access your and steal it after access It always keeps your son safe You can save your videos in youtube as well as offline.

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