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By | September 7, 2021

I am going to tell about an application which is very special application. It has many properties Butt Some Application The name of this application is AZ Screen
how to download By the way, you can download it from many websites, as you can also download from many websites, but the best way to download apps is that first of all you have to open your mobile’s play store.

Like when you open the play store of your mobile, then you have to type m set screen recorder in its search bar. So the icon of AZ Screen Recorder will show inside the search bar, you have to click on that icon. if you click on that icon then Automatically the download will start and your screen will be day after day Recorder yes very special application

How to play

You do not need any type of account registration to run this. You can use it absolutely free and it is an application in a name.very easy way to run it The AZ screen record is an application through which you can record the screen etc. of any of your devices and send all the function
as you know what because of covid 19 All Department Wil be Online Why say that all the departments have become online,

that’s all the schools have also become online, have also become online. That’s why users of AZ screen recorder are also becoming more and more because all the schools have become online and so on, due to which if you want to give your presentation, then you will record and send your mobile screen. It is important for the


country that you do not have any screen recorder with you, but there is a second grade screen recorder for you,through which you can send presentations on all documents, etc. to your university, etc. That’s why these days the users of AZ screen recorder are becoming more and more

.With AZ screen recorder, you can record your voice as well as your mobile recorder.There is a lot to record it, it depends on the memory of your mobile, the more memory you have, the more recording time you will get.Security level


The security level is very This is a very secure application It does not allow any third party to access your It always keeps your son safe no harm was done That’s why it’s called a secure app this is a lite application not jams or hangs your mobile This is a complete application from all sides, it does not have any side effects. There is no harm in using Nice and there is no harm in installing it it’s very completed application

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