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By | September 5, 2021

Yes friends, till today you must have heard about many apps that they are good but today I am going to tell you about which is a better application than all those applications. Yes, his name is Audio Music Player Music Player, we can do that. how to download
By the way, you can download any of you from many website


But say that you have to first open your mobile’s play store, go to its search bar and search for the music player and whatever you go with the music player. As soon as you click on the icon of the music player, it will start downloading automatically You do not have to have a registered account with anyone to use it, it runs for free. function of music player Its main function is it first plays one of your audio files. There are many functions inside it, the function function of the example next function


With the function of Next, you can forward any song, you can add other songs etc.
Similarly the function of back is present inside it You can reverse any songs through the back function There is also a stop option inside it. Through this, you can stop any of your file songs, whatever the audio is, you can stop it and play it whenever you want.You can also create albums etc inside the music player There is no limit on how many albums you can create You can create as many albums as you want inside this music player Open the album and play any songs etc.

There is also a main function inside the music player that you can add your picture etc. on top of any songs and it will be added on it forever. Whether you like her songs Share or upload with anyone via bluetooth in the evening, whatever way you do, your picture will be included in it is very light player This new one jams your mobile and does not cause any other damage This is absolutely free player You can get it from play store without pay And it doesn’t even jam your mobile

Security level

Its security is very much to come
There are many updates in this player
it never loss your dataSecurity is good It does not allow any file party to access your data and losst your It keeps your data safe This is a light application, neither jams your mobile

It keeps your data safe forever And it does not give much to any third party to access and thife  yourIt is checked from all sides it is of any kind does not harm your device All the folders are present inside it, if you have received your file from a bluetooth, then a folder inside the music player becomes of bluetooth and all the files are present inside it.
friend way you can play

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