MS Teams or microsoft teams

By | September 2, 2021

Today I am going to tell you about the application which is free from all the applications. There is application which is very important application in terms of studies Yes its name is ms  is an application which is very important application for studies, whenever you can take tea spa online class, make online video call, make audio call, share your document etc. team

how to download

Although you can download it from many websites, but the best way to download it is that you have to first open the play store of your mobile and type MS Teams in its search bar. As soon as you have a part of the Unmask team in front of you, then you have to click on that icon, who will click on the back icon, then for automatic it will be show on screen how to create account By the way, you can download it in any other way

And the way to make it is that first you have to create a gmail id, you will create a gmail id, then you will put for that gmail id in a ms teams So after that your account will be created Then after that you have to create study channels inside them like if you create study channel, then all the channels will come in one way. On top of this you can add students, you can add at least 350 students that time Then after that you create a class and make it after that you can take an online class chai you take as audio call or not like video call All the functions are present inside it, you can also force the mic of all the people in the country, you can also remove anyone from the meeting.

If any student wants to put his attendance attendance then he can send s.m.s. in your chat box. There is also an underestimated messenger app, you can contact anyone personally You can send any of your documents picture audio video form to him and you can also get him receipt. Through MS Team, you can also make video calls and audio calls personally to anyone and also send your voice messages.

Security is good It does not allow any file party to access your data and losst your It keeps your data safe This is a light application, neither jams your mobile nor does any other harm Last Seen option is also present inside MS Team. If you go, you can hide the option of last seen. If you have personally contacted someone inside the MS team, then you can also hide that chat and delete it.

What is better than MS team studies? This is a mobile available and ISO model Available for mobile and computer desktopThe function of 1 assignment strengthens over the MS team Your teacher creates the assignment and puts a time limit on it

If you didn’t vote for your assignment by that time then it is disabled for automatic and you can never upload it msg may have controlled app The one whom Arg is not going to always keep in his control On top of MS team you can upload your presentation assignment etc.

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