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By | September 1, 2021

Yes, today I want to tell you about such an application in the net which is very number one application in the world. This is an application that has all the updates This is the messenger found in which when you can chat with your friends And through this you can send documents etc. to any of your friend or any relative.
WhatsApp is the application in the world which is the most running application

WhatsApp is the world’s legitimate application which does not do any kind of harmful WhatsApp is an application that never jams or hangs your mobile whatsapp is an application that lite application You need a National number to use A confirmation SMS comes to that number And after that the account is created of your numberThrough which you can run that whatsapp Although you can download WhatsApp from many websites, but the way to download it in a good way is that you first have to open the Play Store of your mobile, type WhatsApp in the search bar on top of it. So there will be a WhatsApp call icon in front of you, then you have to click on that icon as you click then WhatsApp will start downloading automatically

Then after that you can use it by creating that account inside WhatsApp, one of you will ask the name for the ID, that name has to be written. After that your complete that the account is created There are many functions available in WhatsApp


Inside this you can place a second two step verification call which can be useful wherever you are
There is a status option inside it, which is present for 24 hours, after which it gets removed automatically.
You can also apply fingerprint on WhatsApp
There are many teams present inside WhatsApp and the background picture can also change

You can also make video calls through WhatsApp
You can also make an audio call through WhatsApp You can also send voice message to anyone through WhatsApp You can also do typing through WhatsApp Through WhatsApp, you can also send videos, pictures, etc., and audio, etc.You can create group etc inside WhatsApp and also add your friends to those groups through which you can run a business etc. The option of Last Seen is also present inside WhatsApp, if you are still online then that function is also present. There are many times inside WhatsApp, for example,

the option of Last Seen is also present, you can remove it and turn it on. WhatsApp is an application that keeps your chat history as well. If you want, you can clear data, if you do not want, you cannot do anything to it. The option of notifications is also strong inside it, you can also keep its notification on silent and you can also keep it on webrate security
its security is very high
It does not allow any other party to access your data Keeps your data always and does not harm it in any way

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