By | September 1, 2021

Let’s talk about Facebook today Facebook is the application of this world which has the most users Although you can download Facebook from many websites, but the best way to download it is to open your mobile’s play store and type Facebook in its search bar like an icon of Facebook which clicks on it. After that automatically  facebook  will start downloading and whatever will show on your mobile To run this,

do you need any national ID, which universal number do you need to make that number, you can run it by entering conformation feature of facebook The first option inside Facebook is whether one can update their profile picture on the post, can add profile picture After that you can also create groups on Facebook, in which you can send any media whether it is audio voice or any video dance video or any document.

You can make your friends on Facebook, you can make up to 5000 of your friends and you can catch them chat. and anyone can share with them You can also message him personally to any one friend out of 5000 friends and send message to everyone at once. With Facebook removed from a machine and above that machine 1000 you can make video call also send audio message can also send voice message can also make video call Facebook can hand story that existed for 24 hours and ends after that Inside Facebook,

you will also get the option of an unfriend r, if someone harass you, you can also unfriend himFacebook is such an application, inside it you can send the question to your inbox, you can also send your private picture etc. If you want, you can make her love public, if you want, you can make her sit on you. Very nice application and very good working application Andit does not hang or jam your mobile that your data is always saved forever and does not allow any other party to access your data Clear users are increasing day by day because it is a secure application This is an application running with internet

without internet can not use office new updates keep coming inside it which are awesome updates security
its security is very high
It does not allow any other party to access your data Keeps your data always and does not harm it in any way

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