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I am going to tell you about an application which is amazing and highly performed and used by a large number of people and downloader .It’s name is Zapya.It is also a player from which you play many games ,movies ,dramas and music etc and it is also a data app sharing .It shares application,movies ,dramas,funny clips and music files .
From where you can download:

There are many websites from where you can download this app like play store and from our website and I am giving link in description and you can download it from Play store also .There are many feature of shares data from one device to another device .Third party can’t demage your data and can’t stole your data with out your is not harmful for your device . sometimes sharing app demage z you phone and PC also but it not have more burden to your mobile phone or PC .

History of Zapya:
If one device give data to another then in the history of Zapya the data which you gave and which you take is also present for many days and months .If unfortunately your data is deleted from your files then it is present in the Zapya and through Zapya you can watch and play that data .And it’s history is very adventageous for users

Security of Zapya:

Security of Zapya is very strict.Third party can’t stole your data and you can also keep lock to your Zapya and only you can play it if you want .Security Of zapya is very high.It does not allow any third party to access your data have access to your data It always saves your data

How to use :

Process of Zapya is very simple .
There are two options of Zapya .one is joining and other is creating .If one device click on the button of creating then other will click on joining .then Devices will connect.And now you can take and gave your data .

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You can also connect to another device by URl code and also by Scanning of your device .It also saves your history There are two options inside this create and the other is join option.Zapya neither jams your mobile nor does any harmful this is a lite application It does not harm your mobile in any way Although you can download it from many websites but the best way to download it is to download it from play store

Before now you will open your play store And in his search bar will type zapya As you click on it, then it will start downloading automatically.

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