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By | August 29, 2021

Yes friends, today I am going to tell you about such an application which is very wonderful application. If we talk about its performance, then its performance is very good. What kind of application is this, it creates a lot of ease in the work for which you use it Its name is Text free Application There is an application that is a gave fake The most important thing is that it gives us the fake number of USA And along with that free call us and along with that free sms

And you make it flow in a very easy way touch free application provide us free number for whatsapp and also us login free number for canada For this reason its users are very many. We can message through our WhatsApp in at least 40 countries through tax free
If we send any message in China country through text angel, then our personal number will not be share with itText Fairy is an application by which we can invite our friends to this and chat with them That too for free without any charges The best thing about is that we can message from one fake number to another.

Battery is an application that can also be used for voice calls. And the local call with free and with good network We can get a number very easily through tax free Security
Security is very strict Tax Free is an application that never lost your data Nor does it allow any one party to loss your data

Function of text free

What kind of application is this that does not even take your data and with it Do not jam your mobile and neither proves to be dangerous for your mobile this is very lite application very amazing application text free

Whenever you message your friend through the text free , he does not know who has messaged him, in this way you can fool your friend. In this way you can joke with your friend and you can also annoy him. and show him happy

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Because through this you can get the number very easily, so its user is increasing every day.  how to download
Although you can download it from many websites, but the best way to download it is that you first download it on your play store

First of all, you have to open the Play Store of your mobile and in its search text me Then after that text me download will start automatically Then you can use it Then you can use it Can get fake number via order and create with it on whatsapp
and then on top of that you can do whatever your chatting  on it

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