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By | August 28, 2021

Today I will tell you about one such app from which you can earn thousands and hundreds. Rupee’s Yes absolutely you can earn thank you from this app which is a very amazing and very wonderful app In this you just do not have to do anything, what kind of app is this in which you have to play the video and through that you get points, through which your coins are then converted into money. You can use that amount through any Easy Paisa or phone recharge

And in this, if you invite one of your friends, then you will be given 65 reward for Yes, the name of such an app is Snack First of all you have to create your account on this Then after that you have to enter someone’s Invited code As you enter code on it then you will get a code of your own You can invite your friends to your video through personal you can earn money through it function of hero video On Snake Video you can upload your own videos etc. And after that you can also download any video etc from one of your videos

How we can earn money with snack video

Through this you can earn money and you can increase the amount of your own money by inviting people to share it. . how to use it
Although you will find it on many websites, but first you have to open the Play Store of your mobile. Like or if you open the play store, then you have to search snake video in the search bar of the play store.

As soon as you search, there will be show logo of snack video app and you have to click on those logo as you click on it then it will start downloading automatically sanck k Videos what kind of application that does not jam the mobile and install in easy mobile snack video’s users have crossed at least 200 million The reason for this is because it reward its user That’s why users are also getting moreYou can share this for whatsapp facebook and social media application On such an app, you can also message someone and call him etc. You can also follow anyone. As you follow someone, all his videos will be displayed in front of you, you will be able to play any video whatever you want.

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You can also give comment etc. on video, you can also like and also dislik  As you go after watching the video on Snack Video, your points will start increasing. If you increase the points from then on the second day on your ID, those points will be converted into be into money. Then after that you getting money through witdraw .
It does not harm the mobile in any way On this you can make your videos in slow motion etc

And then you can upload it on your ID, through which you can see like comment etc. on your video. its security is very good It does not allow any third party to acce

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